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Steep with Me

A mentoring session with me is similar to having a conversation with your most trusted girlfriend — only better!


Seriously though, I aim for sessions to be that comfortable.


I’ll tell you to prepare your favorite cup of tea, to grab something to write in, to wrap in a cozy soft throw and curl up in your favorite spot as we begin.


Why is it better to work with me than chatting with a girlfriend?

I am a supportive, yet emotionally detached listener. I make assisting your work my primary focus. I keep your goals in mind,  using them as a guide toward your chosen destination. I become invested in your journey and attend to you while holding you accountable as you grow in the ways you want to!


I have found it is beneficial to have another person walk alongside us on our journey

Granted, much of THE WORK must be done on our own, but sometimes we need someone there to hold us, support us, see & hear us as we bravely carry out our work.

Mistakenly, we often think a mentor needs to be an older, wiser person who has been through it all and can help a younger more naïve mentee through every aspect of their lives. I have found though that the mentoring relationship has less to do with age and more to do with whether a mentor has experiences specific to the life situations we are facing. In that way, a mentor is “one step ahead” yet on a similar journey as the mentee. Even mentors need mentors! I am very blessed to have had several mentors in my life – different mentors for different seasons.

When I offer mentoring sessions, I refer to them as a time to “steep with me”.  This is partially because I love tea and its rich history and significant role in feminine connection and partially because it is a great analogy describing what takes place in our time together. Read more here about why mentoring sessions with me are like drinking a cup of your favorite tea.

As a mentor, I draw upon my own personal and professional experiences to help guide you on your journey to find your own truth. Our OWN experience is the only truth you can know. I don’t profess that I know what your truth is, but I can GUIDE YOU TO FINDING YOUR OWN TRUTH.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you are ready for a mentoring relationship with me:

  • Am I open to exploring my inner world and realizing the transformation this type of exploration affords?
  • Am I looking to relying less on outside forces and more on my own inner knowing and intuition?
  • Am I receptive to challenges, open to trying new things and eager to learn deeper practices?
  • Am I ready to crack open the shell and expose the soft underbelly of my soul?
  • Am I committed to growing and instituting consistent practices?
  • Have I had enough of the status quo and Do I feel ready to move forward?

Once you have determined that you are ready, it’s time to take the biggest and scariest step of them all, and schedule a short ‘Hello! Session’. During this session we determine if we are a good fit for one another. Once it is agreed that we are an amiable match, you will get the chance to determine the best mentoring package for you and then it’s time to schedule your first sessions! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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“While I generally consider myself a reflective person, Christine helped guide me to a new level during our most recent session.  Often when I journal, my focus is too broad which leaves me overwhelmed. Christine listened and asked pointed questions that helped target one root cause of my frustrations. She asked questions I had not thought to ask myself and elicited responses from me, that when verbalized, were a revelation.  Christine’s compassion and profoundly simple approach met me in my space and then helped move me forward on my path.”  ~ Sara H.

“Working alongside Christine is a great way to jump start a new way of thinking and living. I’m blown away by how much it has helped me. Do it for yourself! You deserve it!!”  ~Danielle P.

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