I’ve been hearing about a lot of people wanting to declutter and organize their spaces. Whether it’s their home, office, garage, basement or car, more and more people are feeling the weight of “Stuff”and taking action to lighten the load.   

Let’s face it, depending on where you live, the winter can last really long.  We find ourselves holed up in our homes for months and what happens? We collect a lot of extra items that just get tossed into cupboards, closets, basements and crawl spaces.  

Spend any time learning the art of Feng Shui, and you see that clutter causes blockages, energetically, meaning it has an effect on physical and mental well-being, and the flow of ideas, productivity, and money just to name a few! Who needs that?

Let’s take a trip together. We’re going to follow the journey our thoughts and feelings sometimes take as we encounter the clutter in our lives. Consider how you feel when you open a cupboard to look for a particular item only to find bins and baskets full of things you haven’t used or needed in months or even years! After a quick search, the item you are looking for is nowhere to be found. How does it make you feel? 

Here’s how it has played out for me in the past: At first, I feel frustrated that I can’t find what I need. It shouldn’t be that hard, I say. Then I feel guilty – if I can’t find this item easily, I clearly have too much stuff. Guilt turns into overwhelm because I don’t have time to sort through everything right now. I know I need to organize and declutter, but it seems like it will take too long and I’ve now decided that I don’t have that kind of time in my life, so I close the cupboard door and add the item to the list I’ve started for my trip to Target later that day. As I stand in line at the register paying for the item I know is safely stored at home in the place I previously decided I would be able to locate it easily, I feel sick to my stomach. I am wasting money on a duplicate and adding to the stockpile I’m continually creating back home.  Now I feel angry with myself for my lack of organizational skills and wasteful spending   What?! my day started out opening a cupboard to find something and a mere 4 hours later, I’ve convinced myself that I’m a horrible, wasteful person who’s incapable of running a semi-operational household. I just needed to find the “fill in the blank”!

Next, let’s consider this daily journey: I walk into my closet to get dressed for the day. I peruse the drawers and hangers of clothing to find something that suits my mood and agenda for the day. As I consider each pair of pants, skirt, blouse, or shirt my hands pull out, a myriad of emotions bubble up. I’m reminded of the last time I wore the item. I pass by piece after piece uttering the reasons why they are not right for today (or any day if we’re really honest). Now I’m getting frustrated that I can’t find something suitable to wear – there’s nothing I can feel good about in this entire closet of clothes?! That’s it, I give up, I’m just impossible to please. Or maybe it’s because of my body – it’s definitely not what it used to be and that is surely the problem – nothing looks good on me anymore and most things don’t fit right. Then I come across the shirt I wear most often and the stand-by pair of jeans that I know fit me yesterday and I throw them on and rush out the door. I have now wasted too much time and regret not listening to the time management experts who tell us to pick out an outfit the night before and have it ready to go. My thoughts continue to spiral as I once again entertain the familiar “I’m a terrible person who’s incapable of running a semi-operational household” along with “I want my old body back and I need a new wardrobe”.

Can you relate at all?

 We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives?! Do you see how clutter, disorganization, excess and surplus affects our psyche and ultimately changes the way we move about and live our lives?

When I’m in a space that is full or cluttered, I feel heavy, constricted, overwhelmed and stressed. Those feelings then affect how I speak to and respond to others.



Our lives are already too full!  In addition to the stagnation, the overwhelm and stress causes changes within our physical body that, over time, result in illness and disease. Disease manifests in our body when we are repeatedly in a state of dis-ease or lack of ease in our life. Clutter certainly doesn’t lend itself to ease does it?

Wait a minute, am I saying clutter and excess are ruining my health?  Ummm, yes. It’s not the only thing, but it is definitely not helping you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Living surrounded by clutter has far-reaching effects that most people don’t consider. Our environment and living conditions affect our emotions, relationships, and physical health. It’s much more than needing to do some tidying up.

In part two of this series, I will write about this notion that there is so much more to the process of decluttering than just “getting rid of stuff”. Check back for the next steps toward creating a life of ease and flow.


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 Receive ​my complimentary eBook
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Receive my complimentary eBook "Releasing Stress, Worry and Anxiety"

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